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the full discography, cassettography, & more

the long-awaited 'Hodmadod meets Gogmagog'!



eaelier version 'Hodmadod versus Gogmagog'

two heads

(get more messed up than one)

Fair Annie
John Barleycorn
Spanish Bride
Anderson’s Coast
Holding Back
Don’t Blame The Wind
Three Drunken Maidens

Recorded (almost live) and mixed by Saint Edmundo O’Boyd at House of Boyd over various points in 2004-5. Mastered at March Hare Studios.

musicisti screditati

Musicisti Screditati
The Doddery World Tour (of Walcot)

Craigieburn Wood
Now Westlin’ Winds
Lord Franklin
Only Our Rivers Run Free
When First I Came To Caledonia
Ride On
The Well Below The Valley
The SlipJigs and Reels

recorded at The Bell, The Hat & Feather and The Porter Butt, Walcot, Bath, during 2000 & 2001 by Stevie Holder & Gary 'Ganesh' Booth
Mixed at March Hare studios by Ed Boyd with thanks to & expert assistance from Martin Cradick

Special Guests Zoe Stevenson (fiddle)
Steve Davies (accordion)

kaolin and morphine

Great Double Acts Volume 4:
Kaolin & Morphine
Songs - we should know better

Lord Franklin
Genesis Hall
As I Roved Out
When First I Came To Caledonia
Fair Alys & King Caesar [SH et al.]
Ride On
Introve [TC]/ Spencer the Rover

bonus tracks:
150 Days [SH, recorded 1995]
Song For Julie [TC, recorded 1990]

recorded live at Windows Art Centre, Bath, June 1999
recorded & mixed by the nonpareil Gary Ganesh Booth at 'is Gaff.
'Song for Julie' recorded with Steve Davies (keys) and Tony Stephenson (knobs)

This CD had bonus tracks of old favourite songs which weren't available on anything else at the time. Needless to say, this one isn't available any more either...

pic from cover - to be replaced

The Brothers Grim - Barely Alive
The Foxy Devil
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Painting Box
Once I had a Sweetheart 
Back Home in Derry
Song for Ireland 
Niniane [SH & TC]
Carron Loch Bay
For Mr. Thomas
Johnny Jump-Up 
Mad Tom of Bedlam's Song
special guest: Ed Boyd (flash guitar)
recorded at:
The Walcot Palais, Bath, July '97
The Walcot Palais, Bath, March '96 *
The Bell, Bath, October '96 (10th Birthday Gig) +
Recording & Live Sound by the unflappable Gary 'Ganesh' Booth

Tommy Brock & Mr Tod

Tommy Brock & Mr Tod

Recorded dahn the Row by Gary 'Ganesh' Booth July/August 1995

Lord Franklin
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Ride On
North Country
Spencer The Rover (intro TC)
Genesis Hall
150 Days (SH)
Once I had a Sweetheart
Painting Box
Stations Of The Cross

sometimes known as 'Bastardo' for obvious reasons

Odd Mad Dodderings

Odd Mad Dodderings

Song for Ireland
When You Look My Way [TC]
That Old Festival Song [SH]
Johnny Jump-Up
The Foxy Devil
Micklepage [SH, Rob Patten, Ann Shearer]
Back Home in Derry
Song For Julie [TC]
Fair Alys & King Caesar [SH, Julian Masters]

Recorded November 1990
on Lansdown Place, Bath, by Tony Stephenson

Steve Davies (Keys on 'Julie')
Tony Stephenson (noises off)

Collector's Items

garbage collectors, that is...

Tony Doddery cassette

Tony Doddery

Only Our Rivers Run Free
Little Green
Moments on Wetherlam [TC]
D.H.S.S.O.S. [TC]
May You Never
October Dreams [TC]
She Moved Through The fair
As I Roved Out
The Sheffield Grinders
Vermentino Celtico [TC]
The Snows They Melt The Soonest

moonson chanson
monnson chanson demo

Moonson Chanson [1.01]

Kiss The Girls & make Them Cry
Five Faces of Eve
In Our Own Words
MFPs (the muthafukka of parliaments)
The High Romantic
Madonna in Triptych
One Night in May
Song 2 Songs

all songs SH
Marion Kenney (flute)
Claire Jenkins (Cello)
Gareth (fiddle)

recorded at radsonic - in and out of the Radzone - 1992-96
by Nick Hindley (mostly), Phil Cass & SH
Mastered at Real World

Artisti In Piazza Anthology
Ferrara Anthology

Artisti In Piazza (Pennabilli Festival) Anthology 2002

includes 'Well Below the Valley' (same version as 'Musicisi Screditati')

Antologia Ferrara Buskers Festival

Has a terrible version of 'Lord Franklin' that luckily isn't on anything else. There's also a Ferrara video of the same year with the same recording of the same song - and it's still not very good - with pictures, but there's also some amusing footage of extra-festival hi-jinks, Sausages, and the legendary Dave The Piper, the Scourge of God. 1992.

At some point when I get the time I'll put in song words linked from this page, so you can sing along - or finally work out what we're supposed to be saying...

FBF video 1992
(I haven't got the proper cover for this one yet)
Rolling Hills & Running Water

Tony Doddery
Rolling Hills & Running Water


The Lamentation of Hugh Reynolds
Hares on the Mountain
Niniane [SH/TC]
Bridges [tunes, TC]
The Silver Dagger
Now Westlin' Winds
Verses at Balwearie Tower
Mary & The Soldier
The Snows They Melt The Soonest
The Granemore Hare
To Keep From Sleeping [TC]
[...a couple of the Trad.arrs have TC tunes on the end]

Cast of thousands: TC (aka. TD) with Ed Boyd, Mirella Murray, Alan Burton, Maclaine Colston, Stevie Holder, Brian Finnegan, Beth Porter, Myke Vince, Sue Harding, Henry Sears, Marick Baxter, Leon Hunt & SH.

Recorded over something like 8 years by Ed Boyd (mostly) & Gary Booth in their respecive studios; Mixed & Mastered at The Green Room, Devon, by Mark Tucker.

Hodmadoddery: 21 Again
The 21st Birthday Concert
Hodmadoddery live with guests & friends

When First I Came to Caledonia
Painting Box
The Well Below The Valley
The Slip-Jigs and Reels
Sweet Thames Flow Softly
Carron Loch Bay
Ride On
Johnny Jump-Up

Recorded at The Bell, Sunday April 15 2007
by Stevie Holder
Mixed and Mastered at The Brown Ratio by Ed Boyd & Leon Hunt

Tony Carter & Steve Henwood: Six-strings and vocal cords
Henry Sears & Zoe Stevenson: Four-string fiddling
Maclaine Colston: far too many strings, hammer dulcimer
Brian Madigan: no strings at all, flute and percussion

Hodmadod meets Gogmagog
Studio CD

Willie O'Winsbury
By Weary Well
The Shoals of Herring
A Better Time
Across the Universe
Tom Tiddler's Ground
Go and Sit Upon the Grass
The Battle of Evermore

Recorded at The Brown Ratio over a long period leading up to
Summer 2015, by Ed Boyd. Produced by Ed Boyd & Hodmadoddery.
Mixed and mastered by Mark Tucker at The Green Room
Cover by Ant Howard & SH. Released January 2016.
[CDR version, 'Hodmadod Vs. Gogmagog', temporary release Summer 2014]

Tony Carter: Acoustic & Electric guitars, vocals
Steve Henwood: Acoustic guitar, vocals
Special Guests: John Joe Kelly (Bodhran, Tk 9); Rachel Cross (Violin Tk.2); Ed Boyd & Leon Hunt (contributions aetherial, throughout)

Available on hodmadoddery.bandcamp.com